I've been getting questions from folks about where they can buy The Streetwise Cycle. Whatever format you prefer for reading, the book is probably available there. If your question isn't answered below, add it in the comments. 

Q: Will you be selling books at the publication party
A: Yes! Selling and signing them live and in person.

Q: Where can I buy it now? 
A: You can buy the print version online. Be sure to search for coupons before clicking the "buy" button.

Q: Is it available on Amazon? 
A: Corrected 3/9: The Streetwise Cycle is now available on Amazon

Q: Is it available for the Kindle? 
A: Yes! For the Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader or even a plain old pdf. And more. 

Q: You should really do a podcast. 
A: Done! Stream it live or download the mp3

Q: I'm thinking about having my book group read it. Can I get a discount? 
A: Check for volume discounts on Lulu, and check out the book group guide. Also, if your group is interested in talking with the author, contact me to see about setting up something live or via Skype.     


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