UPDATE: Thanks to all the tweeps and commenters who reminded me about lit blogs I'd forgotten and introduced me to new ones: 

The Rumpus 
Paris Review Daily 
Like Fire 
Three Guys One Book 
Sea Giraffe 
Moby Lives 
Se Enseña Aquí? 

Who else should be on this list? 

Thought I'd celebrate Follow Friday this week by sharing a little link love. Here's a list of literary blogs from around the web - big and small, hyperkinetic and chill, corporate and indie. If you love to read, there's something here for you (in no particular order): 

Maud Newton
La Bloga 
The Elegant Variation 
Bread and Bread 
The Literary Saloon 
Jacket Copy 
The Kenyon Review Blog 
HTML Giant 
Pen America Blog 
A Commonplace Blog 
The Reading Experience 2.0 
The Mumpsimus 
Give A Fig 
Galley Cat 
Paper Cuts 
The LitBlog Co-op 
Diary of a Heretic 
The Millions 
American Fiction Notes 
Gently Read Literature 
Old Hag 
Ready Steady Book 
Arts and Letters Daily
Neil Gaiman's Journal 
Bookstore People 
Curious Pages 

If that doesn't give you enough literary stimulation to last you the next ten minutes, I don't know what will.