I've been getting questions from folks about where they can buy The Streetwise Cycle. Whatever format you prefer for reading, the book is probably available there. If your question isn't answered below, add it in the comments. 

Q: Will you be selling books at the publication party
A: Yes! Selling and signing them live and in person.

Q: Where can I buy it now? 
A: You can buy the print version online. Be sure to search for coupons before clicking the "buy" button.

Q: Is it available on Amazon? 
A: Corrected 3/9: The Streetwise Cycle is now available on Amazon

Q: Is it available for the Kindle? 
A: Yes! For the Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader or even a plain old pdf. And more. 

Q: You should really do a podcast. 
A: Done! Stream it live or download the mp3

Q: I'm thinking about having my book group read it. Can I get a discount? 
A: Check for volume discounts on Lulu, and check out the book group guide. Also, if your group is interested in talking with the author, contact me to see about setting up something live or via Skype.     
Meet Juliette, the official podcast station of The Streetwise Cycle. She's of Japanese origin, and her enclosure is constructed of a fine walnut-finish vinyl veneer. 
Juliette - podcast
This book began as a collection of short stories, but it quickly grew into a multimedia fiction project, including a podcast of the full book. At the publication party I'm going to try to recreate some of that online multimedia experience. 

To that end, this past weekend I took apart an old 8-track tape player and reconfigured it to play mp3s. When you're at the party, be sure to visit Juliette at the podcast listening station to hear an excerpt of the book. 

Can't wait? You can always download the full podcast right here.  

For more pics of Juliette's inner workings, click on.
Last year my very short story Drayman was published on CellStories, a terrific mobile-only storytelling site. Back then you could only read it on your cell phone or other mobile device

In response to complaints from friends ("But I want to read it on my computer"), I've posted the story as a Google doc. You can now read it online, or print it and take it with you. 

Happy reading! 
I'm printing postcards for The Streetwise Cycle launch party on March 26. If you have a favorite bookstore, coffee shop, community center, infoshop or other hangout where you could post a card or two, let me know and I'll give you some. I'd be most grateful!

Here's a preview of the postcards: 
Streetwise Cycle postcard
It's amazing and exciting to watch what's happening in Egypt right now. Props to everyone there and around the world in the streets fighting for justice. 

And it's hard to believe I was in Egypt only a few weeks ago. What a wonderful place. Here's me with my book at the Luxor Temple. 
Streetwise Cycle in Luxor
Publication party for The Streetwise Cycle will take place at the fabulous Echo Park Film Center on March 26. 

But why a book launch at a film center? 
For one thing, EPFC is a very cool place and a great resource for the community. They screen independent films and provide training for people to create their own. Visit their website to learn more.   

It's also a perfect place for my book.