The words are all the same - all 8,991 of them. But this time I'm making the leap to print.

You've read it online. You downloaded it to your favorite e-reader. You listened to the podcast, watched the word cloud-and-image version. You even mapped the stories.

Now you can hold it in your hands, spill coffee on it, dog-ear the corners and underline the parts you like. The Streetwise Cycle is now in print.

Best of all, when you read it in the tub, you won't electrocute yourself if you doze off and it slips out of your hands.

Happy New Year to all!
It started as a multimedia fiction project. Now it's in print! Buy it online. Better yet, come to the launch party in L.A. and I'll autograph your own copy.
Check back here on the blog soon for more details about the launch party.