The Streetwise Cycle is being reprinted in serial format in a Florida street paper!

Here’s a photo of me with the first story, In Motion, as it appears in the paper.

What is a street paper?

These are newspapers that are designed as social services to help homeless people earn some money, while maybe even getting their writing published. You’ll sometimes see them referred to as “homeless papers.” Homeless people sell them, and pocket a little change for every issue they sell.

Content in the papers is usually focused on items of interest to homeless people or those of us who care about the homeless. Some of the writing is written by the people who sell the paper, or other homeless folks in the community. The paper usually has a few paid or volunteer staff who write additional content and take care of design, printing and other back-end work.

There are homeless papers all over the country. In fact, all over the world.

Why did I let News from the Road reprint my book for free?

I’m a big fan of street papers. Whenever I travel, if I run into someone selling them, I make sure to buy a copy (or two). A street paper is a mashup of two things I care about - an anti-poverty jobs program combined with a literary effort to help people tell their own stories, in their own words.

I was thrilled when the Victoria Street Newz in British Columbia ran a review of The Streetwise Cycle.  

When News from the Road contacted me and asked if I’d they could reprint all the stories over the course of nine issues, of course I said yes. I hope my work can help sell a few more street papers and put a little more money in the pockets of men and women in Florida who are struggling to make it. Sure, I’ll get a bit free publicity out of it, but that’s just a bonus.

So the next time you’re out on the streets and someone tries to sell you a street paper, give it a try. You never know what you might find inside.
I dropped by Occupy LA yesterday and did a guerrilla reading of the story Fortune 500 from The Streetwise Cycle

Here's the video! (Or watch it here)
Here's a preview of what you can expect at The Streetwise Cycle book launch party, this Saturday night (Mar 26) at the Echo Park Film Center: 

Doors open at 7:30. Program begins at 8 pm 

While you're waiting for the program to begin you can 
As for the program, we'll have 
After the program I'll be selling and signing copies of the book. Hang out and enjoy the food and all the entertainment. 

If you're still looking to enjoy the Echo Park vibe on into the evening, join me at the El Prado Bar for an unofficial official afterparty
The Streetwise Cycle is a proud DIY, independent book by an independent author. It's also part of a larger "indie lit" movement of authors, publishers and booksellers who are doing an end-run around the big New York publishing houses to sell our books directly to our readers. 

I've invited author Terry Wolverton to the book launch party to talk a bit about indie lit: What it is, Why it matters, and How readers can get involved. 
Terry Wolverton
Author Terry Wolverton
When it comes to literature, Terry has just about done it all. She's the author of eight books, including poetry, novels, nonfiction and a novel-in-poems. Her new novel, Stealing Angel, will be published later this year. She's also edited 14 literary anthologies. Terry spent 13 years at the Woman's Building as an artist, student, teacher and Executive Director. She is the founder of Writers At Work, a creative writing center in LA, where she teaches fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry. She also is an Associate Faculty Mentor in the MFA Writing Program at Antioch University Los Angeles. 

If you care about books, whether you're a writer or reader, you'll want to hear what Terry has to say. 
The Streetwise Cycle on Amazon!
The Streetwise Cycle is 
now available on Amazon!
I didn't pick them because their band name is a punctuation mark - that's just a literary bonus. Ampersand will be busking live outside the Echo Park Film Center before the program begins. 
Ampersand is Rachel Garcia and Thu Tran
Ampersand is Rachel Garcia and Thu Tran. They met in the winter of 2006, as students at San Francisco State University, at an open mic night. Tran's songwriting is influenced by pop and folk. Garcia's vocal styles are based in jazz and the blues. It all comes together to create Ampersand’s cheerfully soulful "city folk" sound. 

Ampersand's music ranges across themes and styles, and they always strive to make good-hearted, positive music. Their music is a hybrid of different influences and inspirations, reflecting their diverse musical and cultural backgrounds. 

Get a preview of Ampersand's music on MySpace, follow them on Twitter and become their best friends on Facebook

Or come hear them at the party on March 26!  
More details on the publication party: 

     Saturday, March 26 
     Doors open at 7:30 pm 
     Program begins at 8 pm 

     Echo Park Film Center 
     1200 N Alvarado (@Sunset) 

I'll be reading from the book and signing copies. We'll also have buskers, video, original music and art inspired by the book, and a few words about the importance of independent literature in our modern era. 

Plus a little food and wine!  

You can RSVP for the party right here on Facebook

Anything else you need to know? 
Of the nine stories in The Streetwise Cycle, the one attracting the most web hits in February was Cash Money

Can't tell you why. Just an interesting factoid. 
Cash Money
Meet Juliette, the official podcast station of The Streetwise Cycle. She's of Japanese origin, and her enclosure is constructed of a fine walnut-finish vinyl veneer. 
Juliette - podcast
This book began as a collection of short stories, but it quickly grew into a multimedia fiction project, including a podcast of the full book. At the publication party I'm going to try to recreate some of that online multimedia experience. 

To that end, this past weekend I took apart an old 8-track tape player and reconfigured it to play mp3s. When you're at the party, be sure to visit Juliette at the podcast listening station to hear an excerpt of the book. 

Can't wait? You can always download the full podcast right here.  

For more pics of Juliette's inner workings, click on.
I'm printing postcards for The Streetwise Cycle launch party on March 26. If you have a favorite bookstore, coffee shop, community center, infoshop or other hangout where you could post a card or two, let me know and I'll give you some. I'd be most grateful!

Here's a preview of the postcards: 
Streetwise Cycle postcard