Tomorrow night, put on your reading shoes and make your way down to the Echo Park Film Center for The Streetwise Cycle book launch party!

Click here for all the details. 

In the meantime, enjoy some photos I took in January of the amazing new library in Alexandria, Egypt, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Bibliotecha Alexandrina
Here's a preview of what you can expect at The Streetwise Cycle book launch party, this Saturday night (Mar 26) at the Echo Park Film Center: 

Doors open at 7:30. Program begins at 8 pm 

While you're waiting for the program to begin you can 
As for the program, we'll have 
After the program I'll be selling and signing copies of the book. Hang out and enjoy the food and all the entertainment. 

If you're still looking to enjoy the Echo Park vibe on into the evening, join me at the El Prado Bar for an unofficial official afterparty
Zoë Ruiz makes envelopes. She creates them from unusual materials and in unexpected ways. Since I'm lucky enough to know Zoë and her work, I asked if she would make a set of envelopes based on The Streetwise Cycle

Using printouts of each story in the cycle, Zoë has created envelopes that reflect on her experience of the book. They will be on display as part of the book launch party on March 26.  

It's all part of the DIY, lo-fi, multidisciplinary principles of the book and my personal aesthetic. 
Zoë Ruiz makes envelopes
Zoë studied creative witing at UC Santa Cruz, as well as Spanish literature and feminist studies. Currently she lives in LA where she works at a literacy nonprofit. Her writing has appeared in and The Rumpus, and one of her zines is in the Special Collections Department at Occidental College Library. Her most recent blog is Fishes and Honey

If you're an Angeleno, I know you're planning ahead for parking at the party on Saturday night. The Echo Park Film Center doesn't have its own parking lot, so I went googling for some info on parking in the neighborhood, and here's what I found:  
And please don't forget your carpooling and designated driver options. 

See you at the party! 
I've just had a chance to preview the song Alanna Lin (aka Fascinoma) is writing for The Streetwise Cycle launch party. In a word, amazing. Can't wait to hear it live at the party. 
The Streetwise Cycle song by Alanna Lin
The Streetwise Cycle song in progress
UPDATE: Thanks to all the tweeps and commenters who reminded me about lit blogs I'd forgotten and introduced me to new ones: 

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Who else should be on this list? 

Thought I'd celebrate Follow Friday this week by sharing a little link love. Here's a list of literary blogs from around the web - big and small, hyperkinetic and chill, corporate and indie. If you love to read, there's something here for you (in no particular order): 

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If that doesn't give you enough literary stimulation to last you the next ten minutes, I don't know what will. 
Just in case you can't get enough of the cool Echo Park vibe, or if you want to hang out with me and some other literary-minded folks after The Streetwise Cycle book launch party...
...join us after the book launch at the El Prado Bar for the unofficial official afterparty! Why the El Prado? The El Prado is a quick five minute walk from the Echo Park Film Center. Hope to see you there!

Composer Bruce Bennett is currently working on a piece of music to accompany The Streetwise Cycle. I'm delighted that I'll be able to use a piece of his music at the party to accompany moving images and text associated with the book. 

Bruce is an active performer of improvised music, and as a composer, his works have been played by a wide range of groups and artists, including the Arditti String Quartet, the Avenue Winds, the Berkeley Symphony, Del Sol String Quartet, Earplay, Tom Dambly and Michael Zbyszynski.  
Composer Bruce Christian Bennett
Bruce's interests and activities include compositions and improvisations for live, interactive, electroacoustic music; conducting; the free-atonal music of the Second Viennese School; the music of the post-World War II European avant-garde; contemporary American and European avant-garde; and the Frankfurt School, particularly Adorno's writings on aesthetics and mass culture. 

Listen to his work or read more at Bruce's website
Update #2: Don't worry if you missed the interview. You can hear it online right here.

Update! Indymedia On Air has been moved to 8:30 pm today. Listen in tonight! 

Here's a quick preview of my interview with author Terry Wolverton about independent literature. In this clip, she talks about how changes in the corporate structure of publishing has changed our literary culture. 

Listen to the full interview on Monday, March 14 at 2:30 pm on KPFK, 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, 98.7 FM in Santa Barbara, or online at

You'll also get to hear from Terry at the Streetwise book launch party. Hope to see you there! 
The Streetwise Cycle is a proud DIY, independent book by an independent author. It's also part of a larger "indie lit" movement of authors, publishers and booksellers who are doing an end-run around the big New York publishing houses to sell our books directly to our readers. 

I've invited author Terry Wolverton to the book launch party to talk a bit about indie lit: What it is, Why it matters, and How readers can get involved. 
Terry Wolverton
Author Terry Wolverton
When it comes to literature, Terry has just about done it all. She's the author of eight books, including poetry, novels, nonfiction and a novel-in-poems. Her new novel, Stealing Angel, will be published later this year. She's also edited 14 literary anthologies. Terry spent 13 years at the Woman's Building as an artist, student, teacher and Executive Director. She is the founder of Writers At Work, a creative writing center in LA, where she teaches fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry. She also is an Associate Faculty Mentor in the MFA Writing Program at Antioch University Los Angeles. 

If you care about books, whether you're a writer or reader, you'll want to hear what Terry has to say.