I spent this weekend on the streets of LA with my handy H2 recorder, creating Streetwise Cycle audio clips for Broadcastr

It's a new social media site that allows you to post audio stories and pin them to a map. You might think of it as "place-based podcasting." 

On Saturday I drove to each location where a Streetwise story takes place and recorded a brief chat about that place and its story, then read an excerpt. That only took four and a half hours. 

For example, click here to listen to the story titled Shelter, recorded outside the Iglesia Roca de Salvacion in East LA.  
Editing an audio file in Audacity
Editing Streetwise audio clips for Broadcastr
To explore Broadcastr, jump over to the site and zoom in on the map to anywhere in the world you're interested in. Well, it's still mostly the US right now. You can search topics, cities or author names. 

Broadcastr is still in beta, so the bells and whistles don't all fully work. Still, it's a fun site where you can listen and learn a little more about the places around you. 


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